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报告人:Vladimir A. Kolupaev



Dr.Vladimir A. Kolupaev is now working in Fraunhofer Institute of Germany. He completed his post-doctor research at Xi’an Jiaotong University in 2012, obtained the doctor degree of mechanical engineering at Martin Luther University in 2006. His research focuses on the mechanics of polymers, he has excellent skills in mechanical experiments and good experiences in visualization of results.


We propose a universal, generally applicable yield criterion that describes a single convex surface in principal stress space encompassing extreme yield figures as convexity limits. The novel criterion is derived phenomenological exploiting geometrical properties of yield surfaces in principal stress space. It is systematically compared with known yield criteria using different forms of visualization.

Using a I1-substitution the criterion is applicable to materials with pressure-sensitive behavior and contains well-known strength criteria. Introducing appropriate parameter restrictions, it can be applied for the modeling of ductile and brittle material behavior.

The implementation of the present criterion eliminates the necessity of choosing a specific yield criterion for a particular material. The proposed criterion allows for excellent approximation of experimental data. It is applied to measured data of concrete and provides better accuracy than existing criteria from literature.